A friend recommended Dr. Huynh to me after I was involved in a substantial motor vehicle accident. I received whiplash injuries to my neck and lower back. Dr. Huynh’s intention was to facilitate my recovery to pre-injury health. Using her whole wellness approach she also identified several food allergies that I was unaware of. While these allergies were unknowingly the cause of several unrelated issues, they were also delaying my recovery from my accident injuries. Dr. Huynh is kind and intelligent and sincerely enjoys her profession. I have, and will continue to, refer her to any of my friends and acquaintances who could benefit from her care.  Dallas B.

After approximately 7 weeks of an extreme, constant headache and naseau I went to see Dr. Loan Huynh. I had been to the emergency room and my primary care physician; who referred me to a GI specialist. I had a terrible headache at the base of my head, was light headed, my appetite was gone, and I was terribly naseaous; but I felt the root of my problem was associated with the headache so I went to see Dr. Huynh in hopes she could get me back on track. I was very happy with the time and attention she gave me; she seemed sincerely interested in my well being and wanted to help me. She took her time going over my medical history and current symptoms; she then made an adjustment in my neck which gave me immediate relief with my headache. I went from a level 8 pain to a level 3 pain and had a follow up visit the following week which helped yet again and I am now living pain free with my normal appetite.  I am very grateful that I found Dr. Huynh and she is now my first call if I feel any pain.  Cindy H.

My life has drastically changed since I met Dr. Loan Huynh! My husband met her at a Business Networking Group and mentioned to me that he thought she would be able to help with some of the issues I had been dealing with. I initially went to Dr. Loan for help with menopausal issues, extreme and frequent hot flashes. After reviewing my medical history and tests, Dr. Loan was able to pinpoint several issues that was working together and was making my life miserable.

She was able to treat my issues with natural nutritional and herbal supplements that started the healing process and gradually was able to heal the damage from the gluten sensitivity, balance my hormones and give me natural supplements to take to balance my immune system for my autoimmune thyroid. Before meeting Dr. Loan, I experienced severe stomach cramps and diarrhea after meals plus the hot flashes. She knew what to give me and when I needed to be retested so she could change the treatment as needed.

As a result of her knowledge, I have my life back. It is so nice to be able to go on a trip or go out to eat with friends and not turn red from a hot flash or have stomach cramps and have to rush to a restroom. I am very grateful to Dr. Loan and highly recommend her.
A Grateful Patient,
Joan B.

I was experiencing pain in my left shoulder when sleeping on my left side, and when lifting my left arm. I was concerned that it might be a rotator cuff issue. A friend of mine recommended that I consult with Dr. Loan Huynh as he had experienced similar pain and Dr. Huynh was able to give him permanent relief.

Dr. Huynh performed an initial exam and ordered x-rays to check for injury. After assessing my situation Dr. Huynh scheduled me for a small number of treatment visits and provided me with a series of exercises to improve the flexibility and strength of both my arms and shoulders. After just a few short weeks, my flexibility greatly improved and pain subsided. It has been two years since the initial treatment and the pain has never returned. I was able to sleep better and maintain better flexibility.

I even was able to drop my average golf score by 5 strokes! The increased flexibility and muscle control obviously was the difference. I highly recommend Dr. Huynh for the results she achieved and her approach to overall improvement of her clients’ health.
Lee H.

Living with pain in my neck and hips was just a part of life. My neck always hurt and my hips hurt so bad sometimes I could barely move. I had been to chiropractors before with no significant results.

After some friendly prompts to try chiropractic again, I met with Dr. Loan Huynh. She gave me a thorough exam to determine my needs. Within a few visits I was pain free! She is passionate about
her work and that I really benefited from her focus. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to live a healthier life.

Katie S.

I started going to Dr. Huynh six months ago for back pain. She asked amazing questions and made some very specific dietary suggestions. Within two days I was free of a symptom that had been going on for many years. I have lost weight, sleep better, feel fantastic, and am off of both long-term medications and sleep supplements. I have also started running again at age 50! Dr. Huynh has given me one of the best gifts ever, the gift of good health, and I am eternally grateful.

Pam M.

My daughter had suffered from anemia and depression for several years. She had been put on iron pills but could not tolerate them at all. She also had painful periods, frequent dizzy spells, trouble sleeping and brain fog. Dr. Huynh worked with her for a few months, educating her along the way. She is now very healthy with none of the former symptoms and has no depression. I highly recommend Dr. Huynh! She is much more than a chiropractor. She has extensive knowledge in nutrition and holistic therapies. We love her!

Sandra B.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Loan! My son had chronic nausea for 9 months prior to us working with Dr. Loan. We sought help from 3 doctors (both functional and traditional) and 2 nutritionists and found no relief. Dr. Loan quickly identified the causes of the nausea and addressed them quickly! In addition, we have seen a significant improvement in ADD symptoms such as focus and initiative after only 3 months of treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Loan because of her technical expertise, bedside manner, and thorough approach.

Beth F.