Helping you get to the root of your health problem by using tried and true methods that have served my patients well for years.



Functional medicine addresses the person as a whole. When reviewing your history, I look at genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence your health. I do not isolate symptoms but rather look for underlying causes of your symptoms. Root causes can be determined from a thorough medical history/assessment and laboratory testing. I focus on improving physiological function as a primary method of improving your health.

My approach is unique.  I work closely with you to ensure maximum and efficient results.  I listen to you and extensively study your case. You’ll be coached for at least three months to ensure you’re able master your healthy habits for lasting results. All eating plans, lab testing, supplements, and lifestyle modifications are individualized to you, so this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. My goal is to help you achieve optimal wellness, where you feel better than you ever have.

Are you suffering from any of the following ailments yet frustrated in the lack of finding a solution? Functional medicine can help!

Weight Gain
Autoimmune Conditions
Hasmimoto’s Syndrome
RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Acid Reflux
Frequent Colds
Poor Memory
Gluten Sensitivity
Celiac’s Disease
Digestive Issues
Mental “Fogginess”
Difficulty Concentrating
Chronic Fatigue

Sweet/Salt Cravings
Bloating and Flatulence
Difficulty Falling/Staying Asleep
Night Sweats
Hot Flashes
Menstrual Cramps
Adrenal Fatigue
Muscle Cramps
High Cholesterol
High/Low Blood Pressure
Muscle Fatigue


blood viles

Test, don’t guess. Functional and conventional lab testing help me gain a more accurate and comprehensive picture of your health whether you’re suffering from a chronic illness or you’re getting lab work done to see how well your body is functioning. The results provide answers, real validation and give insight when developing or modifying your individualized health program. The lab work I recommend will depend on your health history, the past and current state of your health and wellness, and other factors I’ll learn about during our initial virtual appointment.

Have you had lots of labs done in the past but still don’t have answers or a solution to your health issue?

This is not uncommon. Many labs are very incomplete or not comprehensive enough to truly get an understanding of the physiology trying to be assessed. Also, lab ranges may be too wide and these ranges are an average of all sick people who gets labs drawn at that lab. It is very important to look at functional or optimal reference ranges which has a narrower range and is the average of the healthy population.

Overview of Lab Assessments Offered:

The list below includes some, but not all lab tests available.

  • Blood Panels – determine blood sugar, lipids, comprehensive metabolic panel, complete thyroid panel, inflammatory markers, immune markers, liver enzymes, anemia panel, various nutrients like vitamin D, magnesium, B12, etc.
  • Complete GI Microbiome – analysis including measurement through DNA analysis (PCR) of key commensal or healthy bacteria levels combined with looking at GI pathogens, dysbiosis, yeast or candida overgrowth as well as pancreatic enzyme output, gallbladder function, GI tissue inflammation and GI immune tract health, and leaky gut analysis
  • Hormonal Testing for Males and Females – adrenals (cortisol, DHEA), thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc.
  • Food Intolerance/ Sensitivities
  • Complete Nutrient Evaluation – evaluates amino acids, protein, fatty acid, vitamins, minerals
  • Autoimmune Testing
  • Toxic Chemical Assessment
  • Toxic Metal Assessment – includes lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, aluminium testing
  • Neurotransmitter Evaluation – for both stress-related brain issues and extensive neuroinflammatory analysis measuring metabolites for serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine as well as glutamate system
  • Amino Acid Levels – reveal ability to heal and repair tissues through protein production all 20 amino acids tested.
  • Bone Health Labs – Analyze the rate and extent of bone degradation or breakdown leading to bone loss



There is a lot of conflicting information about what foods to eat, what to avoid, what supplements to take, etc. I will help determine the best diet and supplements for you so that you can return to your natural state of health and vitality.