Food Allergies and Weight Gain

Sep 30, 2016 | Food Allergies, Weight Gain

Did you know that one of the many reasons for unexplained weight gain can be food allergies or food sensitivities?
Yes, it is true!

Over and over we hear stories about those who have experienced the weight just slip off without effort after eliminating a problem food that they had an allergy to.

Known as food intolerance weight gain, eating food that is an allergen in your body not only causes inflammation in the body, but causes your body to have unnatural cravings for the food you are actually allergic to!

Most people who have a food allergy tend to crave their problem food and surprisingly, it is not because of the food itself, but because of the endorphins (the body’s opium-like substances that make you feel good) which the body releases from the toxic food eaten.

So, it is a viscous cycle of eating the problem food, the body sending endorphins, causing more cravings which ends in weight gain.  Eating the food allergen also causes inflammation that encourages the body to store fat leading to more weight gain.

When one removes the food allergen, overweight individuals tend to have fewer cravings and less inflammation so weight loss often occurs.

If you believe you have weight gain due to a hidden allergy – it is best to get tested to determine what foods may be the culprit.

Be warned that not all food allergy tests are created equal. Some tests may not show up positive, and most doctors do not check for IgG responses (delayed food reactions).

For our patients, we use many tools to determine food sensitivities and make sure that there are not any food sensitivities that are triggered by another root cause such as an immune system dysfunction or a leaky gut.

If you believe your weight gain is due to food allergies or food intolerance, contact us. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina area – we specialize in helping people lose weight by finding relief from food allergies and sensitivities.