Gluten Allergy and Hidden Food Allergies

When it comes to food allergies, especially gluten allergies, it’s what you do not know that may prevent you from getting better and feeling better.

Have you been diagnosed with having an allergy or sensitivity to gluten but when totally eliminating it from your diet you still do not feel well?

In working with many patients over the years with a gluten allergy, we have seen many times that it can go beyond the gluten sensitivity. What we are seeing is that most of the time they are also sensitive to casein. Casein, which is an inflammatory protein in dairy, can wreak havoc on the body if one is sensitive to it.

Another reason you may not be feeling better from just eliminating the gluten from your diet is that people can have cross-reactivity to other proteins similar to gluten.  So if you are gluten sensitive and don’t do well after getting rid of gluten, you may also cross-react to other similar proteins that also need to be identified and avoided so you don’t perpetuate inflammation.

With our specialized blood test, we can check for over 20 proteins related to gluten and test for gluten associated cross-reactive foods: corn, millet, dairy, rice, and yeast.  It is important to note that the majority of people with gluten sensitivity do not even know that they are gluten sensitive because they have no symptoms and/or conventional tests are inadequate (and only test for a FEW proteins associated with gluten).

It is amazing how quickly someone will begin to feel better after identifying and eliminating the culprit allergy food.  However, if eliminating these foods do not help and symptoms persist, inflammation is still perpetuating and needs to be quelled.   This inflammatory cycle can persist from stress, overtraining, and other sources that need to be identified and stopped so you can feel better.

If you believe you may have hidden food allergies or a gluten allergy that is causing you problems, contact us. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina area – we specialize in helping people determine if they have a food allergy problem and deliver them the relief from food allergies and sensitivities.

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